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Ljubuški Outdoor Festival as a concept is a set of sports and recreational activities that will connect and revitalize the scattered cultural, historical and natural heritage along the competition routes. Paragliding competition, running, cycling and trail routes are connected by the river Trebizat, which in addition to its hydrological potential also has two natural pearls: Kravica and Kocusa waterfalls. The route also connects national cultural monuments, the Roman military camp in Gracine and the fortress of Herceg Stjepan Kosaca, which represent the special richness of this festival. Through a series of lectures, the festival will promote a sporty and healthy lifestyle in the natural environment. Also, all associations involved in outdoor sports and recreational activities will have the opportunity to present their activities during the festival at Kravica Waterfall. This innovative and unique event in BiH will certainly be a significant stimulus for the development and promotion of active destination tourism in the Ljubuski area, as well as in other areas in the region for the development of similar activities.

Public company Parkovi Ljubuški d.o.o. and associations: Cycling Club Ljubuški, Paragliding Club Ljubuški, Croatian Athletic Club Ljubuški, GSS station Ljubuški and Photo Club Focus are the organizers and implementers of the event Ljubuški Outdoor Festival with the support of the City of Ljubuški and the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism BiH.

Ljubuški Outdoor Festival 2021.

With great pleasure we present you the first edition of Ljubuski Outdoor Festival, which will be held from May 28 to May 30, 2021. Three days of the festival will represent the unity of sports, healthy living, fun, positive spirit and awareness of nature conservation. This eco-project is made for all lovers of good time, competitions and outdoor activities.

Festival starts on Friday, May 28th at 5:00 pm with an official opening. The opening will be followed by expert lectures on active tourism. On Friday, stands of various associations engaged in sports and recreational activities in nature will be set up near Kravica Waterfall, where they will be during all three days of the festival and organize various workshops for all visitors.

At the end of each day, the festival will be complemented by an evening program filled with entertaining and musical content that will entertain all competitors and visitors of LJOF.

We have prepared three run races for all racing enthusiasts that will satisfy all types of racers and racing enthusiasts. Competitors will be able to measure their speed and endurance in the races that will take place on Saturday 29 May.

Half Marathon "TWO WATERFALLS" is a race for those who are a little bit more prepared, which with its 21,1km connects two beautiful waterfalls Kocusa and Kravica.

The 10,4km "SKUNASTICUS" race starts from the Roman military camp of Gracina and ends at the Kravica waterfall.

1km “KIDS RUN” race will be held at Kravica Waterfall, which we have prepared for our youngest competitors.

For those who are more committed to cycling, we have prepared two races: “MARA” race that runs on light terrain between Kocusa and Kravica waterfalls, and the “STIPE” race; more difficult hill terrain with higher climbs and end at Kravica. Cycling races take place on May 30.

Even greater level of adrenaline is brought by the paragliding competition in accuracy landing. On May 29, you will be able to enjoy in the view of sky above Ljubuski full of paragliding competitors, who will take off from the airfield near the tower of Herceg Stjepan Kosaca and land on the landing ground in the Ljubuski field.

On the last weekend of May, decide to make one big step for your growth, reach your potential and make sure you book it for LJOF. Visit the festival, choose one of the activities for yourself and spend an unforgettable weekend full of adrenaline, fun and positive energy.

See you!

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