29.05. Saturday --h

Registration fee: 20 BAM

AWARDS: 3 awards for first three pilots.

Applications from 01.03. to 15. 05. 2021.

All participants receive: T-shirt, refreshment gift package, free meal.

With its professional approach, Paragliding Ljubuski Club has made this extreme sport accessible to a wide range of people and has given a great deal of recognition to our small town. Thanks to a very large number of sunny days and favorable meteorological conditions, Ljubuski has become a favorite paragliding destination for many pilots. The take off area near the tower of Herceg Stjepan Kosaca is the right bait for all pilots.

Accuracy landing is a competition in which pilots in several series try to be as accurate as possible when landing at a marked landing spot. Competitors of this discipline will be experienced pilots from the Ljubuski Paragliding Club and other clubs in the region.

A view on the sky above Ljubuski full of colorful fliers will leave you breathless. Come to LJOF and enjoy the exciting "KOSAČA" competition. See you!

For more information regarding paragliding accuracy landing competition, please contact the Ljubuski Paragliding Club contacts:
Email: david8ever@gmail.com
Mob.:+385 91 121 5186

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