By car:
Ljubuski is easily accessible to the mainland destination and has excellent transport infrastructure. Located along the border with Croatia and connected by the A1 HIGHWAY with which it is easily connected to the European road network. On the other hand, it is also very well connected with the main roads with the surrounding towns: the direction Medjugorje - Mostar, direction Capljina - Stolac and the direction Grude - Posusje.

Ljubuski and BiH are very well connected by bus lines both local and regional as well as lines connecting Ljubuski to many European destinations.
You can find information about Bus routes on the page in the next link -
It will be easy to get to Kravica Waterfall by taxi, where it will be the center of the festival.

The surrounding towns and cities with their airports: Mostar, Split, Dubrovnik and Sarajevo – conects Ljubuski make with destinations around the world. For more detailed information you can visit the airport websites.