LJOF for all visitors, except races and entertainment, offers workshops that will fill the educational part of the festival. Various workshops will be led by associations and experienced individuals from the world of sports, recreation and adventure. Participation is free. All workshops will be held in the central location of the festival - at the Kravica waterfall, also departure of the field workshops will be at Kravica.

Vrlosinj Workshop
Vrlosinj, with its 956m, is the largest peak of Ljubuski municipality. For anyone who wants to win this peak and get some knowledge in hiking basics, at LJOF you will have this opportunity. The tour to Vrlosinj will be organized on Sunday, May 30th. At this workshop, experienced mountaineers will transfer knowledge from mountaineering to you.
Don't miss Vrlosinj!
You can sign up at mail - ljubuskioutdoor@gmail.com or in the inbox of the festival's facebook page - www.facebook.com/ljubuski.outdoor.festival/

Nature photography
For all photography lovers LJOF and FOCUS Photo Club have prepared a workshop where you can listen to the advice of experienced photographers.
Visit the FOCUS Photo Club workshop and learn something new about nature photography. A workshop will be offered during the festival when you will be able to apply.

Speleo Workshop
At the stand of the speleological society "Herceg" Mostar you will be able to hear stories from experienced cavers, their experiences in the underground and everything that is hiding in speleological objects.
In this workshop, which will be offered during the festival, you can get acquainted with the techniques of movement in speleological objects and the equipment that is used.
Maybe there's a caveman inside you. See you!

Try climbing
Another exciting and full of adrenaline is workshop called Try climbing. At LJOF you will have the opportunity, with the assurance of experienced climbers, to try the artificial rock that will be installed outdoors.
Climbing is a competitive sport in which the climber uses only his body for advancement and the equipment is used for securing. The goal of sports climbers is to master the difficult details of the rock, regardless of the height of the rock. The focus is strength, endurance, flexibility, but also movement coordination and motor intelligence.
Try climbing on LJOF, maybe sport climbing is your outdoor activity!
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